Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Greatest Miracles Come in the Smallest Packages

UPDATE AS OF 01/17/08:

Happy 4 month birthday Lilly! Mommy and Lilly were able to return home yesterday as scheduled! Praise God! They are both doing well, just pretty tired. The plan is for Lilly to go back to the hospital next Thursday where she will stay for 5 days for an intensive chemo treatment. Then if all goes well she will return home for a couple days, and then back for 5 more and another treatment. This is the next phase of her treatment called the consolidation phase.
There are a couple praises to share! The results from her bone marrow biopsy were in today. The Dr.s had told Lilly's mom that the preliminary report showed no cancer cells, but not to be surprised if they did find some trace when the full report came back- they said that was normal for a trace to remain. Well... praise God, the biopsy was 100% clear! The Dr.s were thrilled and said that was very good news, and that Lilly is responding very well to her chemo! There is probably a pretty good chance that Lilly will not need the bone marrow biopsy afterall, but we still need to pray that the Dr.s will make a wise decision based on what's best for her!
Also, when Lilly left the hospital on Wednesday, she was under 10 lbs. and the Dr.s were concerned about her weight loss. She won't take a bottle, and they were concerned that she wasn't getting enough calories through nursing. When Lilly's mom took her in this morning she had gained 3 ounces overnight! Please continue to pray that she would eat well and continue to gain weight, and that her rash on her bottom will clear up before her chemo next week. Please pray also that she will be safe and stay healthy when she is home- that the boys and everyone else would stay healthy too. Lilly still has a long way to go, but it's just so nice to see her smiling and healthy again. This picture above was just taken on Monday night, and she was such a happy, smily girl! One of Lilly's brothers told me today that she is smiling for him a lot! What a blessing. Pray that her body will be stronger for the chemo this time and that it won't make her as sick as before. Continue to pray for Lilly's mom and dad as well that they will continue to eat well and get rested! Pray for Grandma K. as she leaves on Saturday to return home, and for Lilly's daddy's dad, who is coming for a few weeks on Saturday. Lilly's mom and dad are very fortunate to have such a loving family to help them out at this time! This long road continues, but God's love extends further than we can imagine! He is faithful and he does hear our prayers! I know there area lot of prayers going up (especially today), and there are already praises to share! What a miracle. Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer for this family.
Thank you SO much for your prayers!


Cece Marie said...

Best wishes and heartfelt prayers to Lily and her family!

NeedfulThings said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers for Lilly...she's so precious. <3