Friday, January 11, 2008

PLEASE Pray for Lilly This Weekend...URGENT!

Lilly's mom and dad received the devastating news tonight that Lilly's Leukemia has returned. She had been in remission now for a couple weeks with no cancer cells in her blood, but after a week without any chemo they have returned. This was absolutely their biggest fear, and Mom and Dad are both devastated. Also, they just found out yesterday from the bone marrow Dr. that the type of cancer Lilly has is one of the hardest kinds to treat, which isn't what they were previously told (apparently there's a big difference between infant ALL and childhood ALL). Needless to say, they are very discouraged and they all need your prayers right now more than ever. The bone marrow transfer is now going to happen for sure, and she will have her biopsy on Monday (she didn't have it today because her counts were too low). The boys will be tested on Sunday, so we really need to pray that one of them will be a match. They wanted to hold off on the transfer until Lilly was 6 months old so she would be bigger and stronger, but it doesn't look like they'll be able to wait now. Continue to pray for Lilly's cancer, but please lift Mom and Dad and the boys up as well. Their spirits are really low, and they need to feel the peace and comfort that only Jesus can give them right now. Thank you all for your diligent prayers. I will leave another update tomorrow as soon as I get more information.

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