Monday, January 07, 2008

January 7, 2008 Update on Baby Lilly

Here is the most recent update for Lilly. Please know that all of your prayers are REALLY appreciated!!

Lilly is still recovering from her last chemo treatment on Friday. She is starting to throw up again, and her mouth sores have gotten so bad that she is bleeding in her mouth. Please continue to pray for her pain level. She is still on morphine which helps a bit to make her more comfortable, but we all want to see her awake and happy once again. She will be chemo and steroid free now for awhile, so pray that these side effects will subside soon. Also, continue to pray that her blood and cells would grow back cancer free!
Lilly's Daddy is returning to work this week, so please pray for him as well that he will be able to concentrate on his work, and stay safe on the job. Pray for Lilly's Mommy as she will be alone a lot more now. She would really like to go home soon- she misses her home and her boys, so keep that in your prayers as well.
In my attempt to keep you all updated, I know it always sounds like "pray for this", "pray for that", and sometimes I forget to mention the praises and thanks to our Lord that I should. It's sometimes hard to remember in the midst of all this that He is in control and He does hold her tiny body in His hands. He is healing her and bringing her through this, and we need to remember this even through her suffering. Stay strong baby Lilly! We are ALL praying for you!
Thank you and God bless,

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