Monday, January 14, 2008

A HUGE Praise for Baby Lilly--God is Faithful!!!

"Well... we prayed for a miracle, and that's exactly what we got! It was confirmed today that Lilly is in remission!!!! The cancer is gone in her blood, spinal fluid and bone marrow. Lilly's Mommy and Daddy went through one of the hardest weekends of their lives, but it wasn't all for nothing. God has revealed himself to them, and Lilly's Mommy knows in her heart that this is indeed a miracle: the result of the prayers of so many, and the grace of God. Needless to say, Mom, Dad, and Lilly are all doing much better now. Lilly's counts are all climbing, her sores are healing, and Mom's spirits are lifting. Right now it looks like Mom and Lilly may be able to go home as soon as Wednesday. Then they will begin the 2nd phase of her treatment which will most likely involve bi-weekly trips back to the hospital for chemo, but hopefully no hospital stays. The bone marrow transplant is still a possibility for the future, but they can now wait until she is 6 months old like they wanted to. Continue to pray for that, as well as her future health- she still has a very long road ahead of her! And pray for their journey at home- it will be a very scary time for Mom to leave the hospital with her and be without the constant monitoring.

I can't say enough wonderful things about all of you and the blessing you've been to them through your prayers and words of encouragement. Our church (Rolling Hill's Community Church in Danville), is having a day of prayer for Lilly on January 17th (which is also Lilly's 4 month birthday) and I would urge anyone who is willing to join with us- in person or in spirit. Thank you!"

Thanks to Rachel who has so faithfully kept us updated on Lilly's condition. Please don't stop praying everyone! Thank you ALL for your prayers!

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SugarShop (Dena Rooney-Berg) said...

Wonderful news! She is in my thoughts.