Sunday, January 13, 2008

2 New Updates on Lilly

Saturday, January 12, 2008:

Lilly's Mom asked me to leave an update tonight. There was not much new information today, but they did find out that there is a VERY small chance that these 'blasts' they are finding in her blood may be caused by the bone marrow and not Leukemia. Apparently when the bone marrow is fighting or working hard it can put out some little blasts that look similar to the Leukemia. I'm sure I'm not explaining this correctly as I don't fully understand it myself, but what I'm trying to say is that there is a glimmer of hope that this could be a false alarm. Please pray extra hard that this may be the case. They will get a confirmation on Monday as to what is causing this!

Continue to pray for her Mommy and Daddy. Her Mom will probably be upset that I'm telling you this, but she really isn't holding up very well right now. She has lost a lot of weight, and is not sleeping or eating well. We really need to pray that she will have the emotional strength to take care of herself right now. The kids and their Daddy really need her to be strong! Pray especially that they will have hope. I know Mommy feels sometimes like she just can't do this anymore, and she's really losing hope in Lilly's recovery. It's very hard to remain strong and optimistic under the conditions and news that they've been dealing with. (I can't speak as much for Daddy because I'm not talking with him as much, but of course he really needs your prayers too). Lilly's Mommy actually came home from the hospital for the first time to sleep at home tonight, and her mom stayed at the hospital with Lilly. It has been 1 month now since this all began, and she hasn't had anything even near a good nights sleep. I think its wonderful that she was able to come home for a night, and hopefully a good night's sleep will refresh her a bit for the week ahead. She will head back first thing in the morning.

I haven't heard too much about how Lilly is doing today, but I know her WBC counts are still low, and she does have a horrible diaper rash right now with some open sores. Lilly's Mommy requested specific prayer that this would heal before they have to begin chemo again. It is the chemo that is burning her bottom, and also the sores are openings for infection to get in so they need to heal before she becomes even more susceptible. I think that's it for tonight. I will definitely write back when anything is confirmed. Continue to pray for the bone marrow testing as well- her biopsy is Monday and the boys are being tested tomorrow.

It warms my heart everytime I get on this website and see how many visitors are checking in! I remember how excited I was on day 2 to tell Lilly's Mommy that 35 people had checked in! It is amazing to me that over 100 people a day are checking in on Lilly now. Your love, prayers, and support mean more to them than anything. They do have internet access in their room now and she can check here often, so continue to leave comments in the guestbook. I know it really encourages them to read your notes!

Sunday, January 13, 2008:

I just wanted to leave another quick journal update that is on more of a positive note. While there isn't much new information, and her Leukemia is likely still back, I just wanted to pass on some good news. Lilly is doing really well today. She is off of the morphine, eating well, her color is good, and she's smiling! Lilly's Mommy's spirits are definitely lifted today. She really felt all of your prayers and is feeling hopeful and comforted again. Some of Lilly's labwork came back today and her WBC count, her nutrafill count, and one other one, have jumped up considerably (which is great!) The Dr's are baffled because if her Leukemia is back, this shouldn't be happening. I got chills when Lilly's Mommy told me that, because when the Dr's are baffled it means that God is busy doing something they don't understand! I love it! While there still may not be good news for them tomorrow, we know that God is in control and is working in her little body. I will be going to see here tonight and will try to get some pictures to post. Keep praying- it's working!
Happy Birthday to Lilly's Daddy!

Thanks for taking the time to read, and to pray.
God bless,

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