Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update on Lilly -- February 19, 2008

Lilly's Mommy and Lilly came home last Tuesday for a few days. They were supposed to go back to the hospital tomorrow for another round of chemo, but they ended up heading back in on Saturday because Lilly had an infection in her toe. They wanted to get her started on antibiotics so it would have a chance to heal before her chemo begins. She is done with the methotrexate for this round (this is the chemo that causes the mouth sores), but the one she will begin tomorrow is the one that drops her counts low and causes her to feel nauseous and awful. She will recieve it everyday for 5 days, and then will be able to go home. They are encouraged that she handled this last one so well because she really is becoming stronger and healthier, but they are worried about this next one dragging her down. She has been so happy and full of smiles and giggles, so it will be hard to watch her get really sick again. The hard thing about this is that it takes 7-10 days for the side effects of the chemo to really set in, so Lilly's Mommy will be at home with her when this happens. The biggest concern is her developing an infection or a fever while she is at home. Her immune system will be very susceptible, so we need to pray for the health of her family, and for her little toe and bottom to heal before then. Also, that she would continue to gain weight. She is almost up to 12 pounds now, and that is their goal for her.

Please also continue to pray for the boys. Lilly's youngest brother especially is having a very hard time without his mom, and cries everytime he has to leave her. Their mommy is really looking forward to being home with them again full time. It should only be a few more months of these lengthy hospital stays, so pray that it will go quickly for them. Lilly really is doing much better, and thankfully there isn't much to report on a daily basis, but thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers! It has been so amazing to see the change in her, and watch God continue to heal her tiny body! Thank you again to all who are praying and helping this family out!


Anonymous said...

will be praying for God's healing hand to touch baby Lilly.

God Bless

Gillian :O) said...

oh what a precious little one...will pray now for Lilly and all surrounding her.