Friday, September 29, 2006

Christmas Craft Shows

It is almost that time again...time when many are gearing up for their Thanksgiving and Christmas Craft shows. I would love to know what YOU do at your craft show. I would love to see pictures. I am doing a craft show this year, albeit a small one at my mother in law's church. I would love to some day be able to do a BIG craft show, like the Christmas Craft Fair in Grass Valley, CA. We went there last year over the Thanksgiving weekend and REALLY enjoyed it! There were really some wonderful, quality crafts there. And the setup was amazing. It was on a county fairgrounds with gorgeous, tall pine trees all over, and a fine wintery mist going on. They had a bonfire, carolers, food vendors, and about 5 buildings full of crafters!!! One of these days.....

In the meantime, above are some pictures of what I am selling in my craft show. Send your pictures or ideas, and we will post them!

Have a blessed day!


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