Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome to Ambrosia Delights!

This blog is for people who are into crafts. I personally think that I have adult ADD when it comes to crafts, so I do a lot of different things. I love to sew and have been sewing since I was about 6 years old. My mom thought it was a great thing to teach me, as she has also been sewing from a very young age. I'm so grateful that she did teach me. I know in this day, it's not so common for a young girl to learn how to sew. Here you can see an example of what I make. I enjoy making boutique children's clothing that are one of a kind. I love the idea of individuality in a child (and in an adult too of course), so I love creating clothing for children that will emphasize that individuality. I rarely make two of one thing, but I do on occasion.

I also enjoy scrapbooking, making jewelry, counted cross-stitch, and cardmaking. I have also done some tole painting and stamping, as well as crocheting, and I tried my hand(s) at knitting, but that didn't work so well. I did manage to finish a knitted scarf, so I am proud of myself that I followed through! There are a few other areas that I am interested in checking out. But I think for my husband's sanity, and our space and time restraints, I won't just now.

With this blog, I would like to showcase other crafters' work as well as my own. If you are a crafter and would love to show off what you do, please write me. If you are good at writing out instructions for your project, we welcome that!!! We will have links for great crafting sites, as well as LOTS of great ideas! So please write and share what you do. We will also have lots of yummy recipes listed on this blog, so if you have a favorite recipe (with or without a photo), send it in! We would love to see it.

I must go craft, so I must leave the blogging for another time or day. I have some orders to work on. Have a blessed day!!


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