Thursday, December 13, 2007

URGENT Prayer Request

We have an urgent prayer request for a family at our church. After having problems conceiving this precious little one...this family had a baby girl in September. We found out that Baby Lily was just diagnosed with leukemia. We don't know all of the details, but I know they would appreciate your prayers. This family has two other little boys who are staying with another family at church (who has four boys of their own!). Please pray for all involved that God's peace will reign supreme, and that they will feel God's love and the comforting of the Holy Spirit, no matter the outcome.

Thank you and God bless,

UPDATE ON LILY: Lily is currently in the hospital...a Children's Hospital. She is currently having a minor surgery to put a permanent IV tube in her chest to make blood draws and med delivery easier. They are also testing her bone marrow and doing a spinal tap at the same time.

They are still not sure what kind of leukemia she has. She did have a blood transfusion last night, with extra platelets, because her platelets are low (platelets are for clotting). She will probably be in the hospital at least a month. Her mom and dad will pretty much be staying with her during that time. Please continue to pray for them, and for the two little boys (I think they're 2 and 3 years old). Please pray that the dad's work will be ok with the necessary time off to be with his baby girl. Please pray for the family who is taking care of the two little boys.

2nd UPDATE (12/17/07):
Our friend Rachel, who is a good friend of Lilly's family gave us an update on Lilly:

From Rachel:
I went up to see Lilly last night, and she is doing pretty well. Her chemo is working, so that's encouraging. On Thursday night when she first got to the hospital her white blood cell count was 195,000, and now it's down to 1! That's very encouraging, but again it makes her very susceptible to infections, so continue to pray for her health. She has been experiencing some nausea and fussiness as side effects from her treatments, so she is taking some morphine and other medications to counteract these side effects. She had a chemo treatment yesterday, and will most likely have another one tomorrow and maybe the next day. Another prayer request is that the cancer would continue to respond well to the chemo so that a bone marrow transplant could be avoided. If she needs a transplant, she would have to have radiation which has some very serious long-term repercussions. Please continue to pray for Lilly's Mom and Dad as well. It has been hard for them to see her so uncomfortable and in pain, and they are running on very little sleep right now. They are so thankful to all of your for your prayers and support. They can definitely feel the love flowing towards them, and they are encouraged by all of you!

PLEASE continue to pray for little Lilly and for her family.
Thank you,

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